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Asher videos, fresh off the camera!

31 Jan

My precious, precious baby, who seems to be a bit uneasy with his first ride in a grocery cart. What the heck is going on?


Making himself laugh for the first time! What a card.

Asher Playing

24 Jan

He do what he do

Don’t worry, be happy.

23 Jan

I like Swiss people. Rumors suggest the Swiss are rude and into themselves. I disagree. I am sure there are Swiss douchebags roaming the alps and putzing around the cities, but that can be said of anywhere. In my experience, the Swiss public is a friendly group that maintains a healthy balance of apathy with concern for the fellow person. I have had both men and women of all ages offer to help me get Asher’s stroller up and down stairs and on and off trains. Even when I don’t need help because I can do it myself or because Phillip is with me, I see people notice that I have a stroller and look to see if I need help. Salespeople smile at me when I’m shopping (or pretending to shop, rather. Everything is too expensive here.). People offer apologies and excuse themselves if/when we bump shoulders on a crowded sidewalk. People just seem nice. Walking around here in Immensee, people out walking always make eye contact and offer a smile with a friendly greeting, which (gets a little old after you pass the 10th person in 5 minutes, but) makes me feel all neighborly and warm inside. On the flip side of this, my Swiss neighbors and the Swiss people outside our doors also seem not really to give a darn about what other people do. There is a very certain feeling of trust around here. People don’t seem stressed. People seem to just assume that everyone else is doing what they need to be doing and “I” don’t have to worry about “you.” I like being in a community that offers friendly smiles and help, but that also looks the other way when I have to wipe Asher’s little bottom in public because there are no changing tables around (well, there sometimes are… but you have to pay to use them).

And speaking of Asher, people around here love babies! I think babies get a lot of attention anywhere, but I feel like I notice it more when I don’t understand the German around me. Since I don’t know what people are saying, I notice every little nonverbal cue that people make… and people make a lot of wide-mouthed, coochie-coo, googly-eyed nonverbal cues in Asher’s direction. Saturday night we went to Phillip’s supervisor’s house for dinner. He and his family live in a beautiful old house that, like most of the houses here, has been separated into apartments. His wife’s brother and his family live in the apartment below. However the brother and sister-in-law were out of town, leaving only their teenage daughters and their 70+ friends who came over to keep the daughters company. We walked in to the house bumping with music and squeaky, puberty-ridden voices with a teeny sleeping baby, which prompted the teens to turn down the music and to keep the LOLing to a minimum until we were upstairs and out of the way. It was funny to me that they would care to be quiet as we walked through with a sleeping baby — it was, after all, their house and their party. I was surprised, but also grateful. Silly kids. Another funny example of this was later on the same night when we herded onto a train with a bunch of other people. We were in such a hurry to get into the train before it took off that we failed to notice the group of which we very quickly and unknowingly became a part was made up of young males… all dressed alike and carrying the same type of odd equipment. As soon as the doors shut they started banging poles against the ground and their fists onto armrests and walls and began a chanting something in German that sounded triumphantly victorious. I actually got caught up in the moment and for a very brief second I felt proud, and like I was part of whatever accomplishment they were celebrating — “Yah! Yah! We did it!” I was about to start running up and down the car high-fiving when I looked at my startled little way-past-his-bedtime baby whose tired, but very surprised red eyes peeked out from in between his bedtime blanket and little blue nightcap. It was a little loud for a baby – especially a baby who was already confused as to why he would be out past midnight. Phil and I started moving to a different part of the train when we heard the excited and triumphant chant morph into testosteroney whispers of “SHHHHHHHH… Bebe! Bebe! Shhhhhhhhh…” …until we got through to the next car and we heard the re-eruption of muffled thumps and chants of sweet, Swiss-German glory. Grown men in a grown-man type of group calming their loud and victorious song for a minute so we could get the “bebe” out was interesting to me. It was entertaining, and very much appreciated. What funny people.

I know that there are good and bad people everywhere. Being here, though, where things look different and people act differently causes me to notice things that I might not notice in a culture with which I am so much more familiar. People are nice. I don’t care how popular complaining about society is/becomes, it simply is not true that the world is a terrible place. I believe good people will always be outside our door, regardless of where we live. Between so commonly feeling out of place and having a precious baby for whom I worry, the reassurance of goodness in the world gives me peace and makes me happy.

Asher videos, be sure to read the info provided with the videos for descriptions:

Hanging out on the couch

Waking up from a nap

Sleepy laughing in the kitchen

Ohhh, just a cute picture. :)

17 Jan

I have wanted to write the past few days. But overall, I’m feeling a bit too “blah” to write.

Rather than neglect this Blog, I will share a picture of our precious boy. 🙂

Asher says “Guten Abend, Fruende und Familie!”

Asher thinking about perhaps liking Mickey Mouse one day

11 Jan

I want Asher to love Disney, so I thought I should introduce him to Mickey and his gang by finding the “Hot Dog” song on youtube. I filmed Asher watching the song, hoping to get a good reaction. In this case, a “good reaction” is getting hiccups, drooling a lot, and looking extremely contemplative. hehehe I love this precious boy. 🙂

Apathetic affect 

Asher loves his cousins

11 Jan

Asher loves watching videos of his cousins on the computer. Every time a new one pops up, we like to watch it together several times (and then again and again over the next few days;)). He always gets really excited when Eden or Corin make silly sounds, so I filmed him watching Eden’s latest video this morning in an attempt to catch his adorable reaction.

Eden is silly! 

Just like Dad!

11 Jan

Inspiration photo
Phillip Michael Lasater circa 1984

I have the outfit, a camera, and a carbon copy of the person- what do you think I did?

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Asher was trying with all of his might to roll over, which is why he is basically sideways in most of the pictures. He actually did manage to roll over at one point, despite the fact that he was being held “in place” by his Boppy pillow — what a predicament that was! He was basically doing a backbend, screaming, with me hovering over him with the camera. I am so programmed to “shoot” no matter what that it took me a few seconds to stop photographing him and to help him. (Sleep deprived much?)

Other than the minor meltdowns that this caused, he and I had fun playing with this pose and with his Daddy’s old baby clothes. I am so happy to have these pictures and I know that MamaSue will be too! 🙂


Phil and Bre, sledders extraordinaire.

8 Jan

We went sledding yesterday with our friends the Altmanns. It was fun! We came to Switzerland grossly underprepared for things like “snow” and “sledding.” Last weekend Phil and I went shopping to buy ourselves some snow pants and snow boots, but we apparently skipped the part of the store that was selling snow “skills.” I hadn’t been on a sled since I was a kid and Phil doesn’t think he had ever been on one before. Though I saw lots of little tiny kids going down, I am quite sure that this was a serious sledding hill. It was tall, extremely steep in some areas, and cold and wet.

Sledding is more complicated than just sitting on a sled and riding it down.

This video is of Phil on his very first sled ride – for the day and ever in life! I started laughing as I watched him trudge up the hill with the sled. hahahaha I don’t know why I could not stop laughing, but it was really fun for me to watch him. The video starts pretty much right when Phil starts sledding down – You will see two people going down (from the top) at the beginning of the video — Phil is kind of in the middle of the shot, but he is the one on the left. He goes much slower than the other sledder, because he is basically dragging his feet for the entire ride in a feeble attempt to “steer.” Near the end of his ride, he almost nails Reuben (the Altmann’s little boy, 7). hahaha By the end of the day, he was basically the best sledder in Switzerland.

A video starring Phil!

I thought it would be fun to have a video of the ride down the hill, so I brought my camera on my last ride for the day. I feel a bit dorky sharing this, but what good is life if you don’t make a fool out of yourself once in a while? A few notes to accompany this video:

1. I was out of breath because that is a hard hill to climb. It took me entirely too long to get up the last several feet because it was so steep and slippery at the top.

1b. (I thought to add this after I was done with the list) The two people at the very bottom of the hill are Phil (holding Asher) and Peter. I could’t really turn around while I was climbing the hill, but I was so very hopeful that they were too deep in conversation to see me continuously slip. No such luck.

2. The parts where the snow looks thinner (you can kind of see the ground) are pretty steep, which is why the sled is hanging over the edge while I’m getting set up and before I scoot off of the edge.

3. I was meaning to narrate a little bit, since I was trying to film the ride down. But I have no idea why I said the things that I said. I am especially ashamed about the song. I guess I just got caught up in the snowy moment. You can see the camera kind of go back and forth as I checked to see if anyone was around me near the end of the song when I realized that I was at the top of the hill, sitting (basically) on the ground, and singing… by myself. I’m glad to report that no one was close enough to hear me.

4. My sled turned around pretty much as soon as I shoved off, so the whole ride is me going backwards.

5. Note the monastary to the side of me as I’m going down. I don’t even really remember noticing it while we were playing on the hill. I chuckled when I saw it on this video — It’s kind of funny to think about sledding in a 400+ year-old monastary’s back yard. haha

6. I don’t know if it was inevitable, or if I just wrecked because I was trying to film my trip going down, but watch the horizon at the end — you’ll note that I (and my sled) flipped all the way over when I crashed.

7. You can hear Phil laughing in the background at the end. Nice. hahaha

A video of me! 

Do I smell a couple of Olympic gold medalists in the making?!


Rough day

8 Jan

Asher is sad today. 

Baby sitting

6 Jan

Asher can sit up straight*!


*For a minute or so 😉