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Beautiful day

24 Feb

Today was beautiful and Phillip came home early, so we walked down the hill to feed the birds. Snow-capped mountains, clean water, bright sunshine and my two Loves = perfect.



Bathing, sans the water and soap.

24 Feb

Asher found an interesting place to play while I cleaned up a little bit the other day. Click here for video

Süßkartoffel ist gut!

20 Feb

Sweet potatoes? Asher says YUM!

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And just for fun, a video of Asher laughing

New (used) wheels!

20 Feb

Though we love our stroller, we have already nearly used it to death by taking it out practically every day, burdening it with heavy loads, and wheeling it through all kinds of weathery elements. We had planned to wait until we find a permanent home to buy a new stroller, since we figured we would know what type would best suit our lifestyle once we are settled. But last week I stumbled upon an ad for a FREE stroller! It is a small, but durable one, which seems perfect for where we are now. I was lucky to have seen it so soon after it was posted, since the ad was “first come first serve” — I was the first to inquire, it was ours! So I arranged a time to pick it up and started planning a little trip.

As many people know — I do not go far without a stroller. I have brought Asher grocery shopping a few times in the Moby wrap only because our stroller’s wheels were not made for the snow. But the few times I have done have only been quick trips. Since I was going to pick up a stroller last week, I did not bring our stroller… even though the travel alone was going to be two hours! This was a big deal for both of us — it meant that I had to carry my almost-20-pound baby for two hours along with a diaper bag and a piece of luggage that held random things we needed for our long day, and it meant for Asher that he would most likely be awake for a much longer period of time than he was used to. It was a long trip, but my precious boy did GREAT! The two of us had fun on the relaxing train ride through the snowy mountains. Asher liked looking out the window and loudly blowing spit everywhere so that people would look at him and laugh. We even tried out a new hold with our Moby, which turned out great! It ended up taking more like three hours for us to finally get the stroller, and Asher was so tired. He fell asleep on my chest literally as I was walking up the stairs to get the stroller… only to wake up again when we walked inside. Again, though, he’s a trooper. He seemed grateful to be put down so he could finally rest and, though I love cuddling my baby, I was grateful to give my back and arms a break. Since I was so weighed down, I didn’t get many pictures of our day, but here are a few fun ones (please note the picture of our “stuff” in the chair on the train. I fear I looked like we were running away):

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We were out all day, but here are a few cute videos of Asher chillaxin’ in his “new” stroller while out on the town. Even after a very long day, he was all smiles.

Smiley boy

Happy to have found Dad in Zurich!

It was cold (freezing, actually), snowing, and late by the time we finally got home and got our little dude to bed. So the next day Asher and I just hung out in the apartment. I think he was happy to have a slow, quiet day to relax after our big adventure.

Just playing

And finally, here are a few of the new stroller in action!

This was before our first just-for-fun walk with our new stroller. We liked it! We have since replaced this little blue fusssack with the nice big black one we bought, which is super warm and cozy for our Asher man. Phillip, Asher, and I are grateful for the generosity of strangers!


16 Feb

After he ate bananas for a few days, we decided to introduce Asher to avocado. He was just as weirded out as he was with the banana, but he didn’t seem to get over it and just enjoy his meal with the avocado. Here’s his first taste of his second food:

First try of avocado – when Dad was home! 

That didn’t go so well. We had another avocado, and that was a few days ago, so I decided to try to give it to him for lunch today.

Second try of avocado

Eh… not so much. The bite that you saw me put into his mouth in that video is the only actual bite he took. This next video is one of my favorite Asher videos to date. His disgusted expression coupled with the body language that refuses even to try another bite is hilarious to me. He has attitude beyond his years.

Asher refuses.

Still nothing. I thought that he might taste more avocado if I just gave him the spoon and that, perhaps, he might then realize that it is good.

Avocado for play, not for food. 

My keen sense of mother’s intuition tells me that Asher is not feeling the avocado right now. Oh well, we’ll try again in a month or so.




Asher eats!

11 Feb

Our little man is a big 6-month-old boy now, so he got to try out some “solid” food today! He ate about a quarter of a small banana! He was so serious and seemingly contemplative throughout the entire meal. We had fun!

The video goes on for a while — it’s our kid’s first few bites of food, so we were a little camera happy (this is one of [I think] 4 videos?). Having a baby makes ordinary things (like eating mashed up banana) fantastically extraordinary. To say that this boy gives us tremendous joy does not even scratch the surface. It was a good day. We love our Asher.

Eating big boy food 

Phillip is a terrible writer… on opposite day!

9 Feb

One of the many things that I love about my husband is that he is a great writer. He writes beautiful poetry and thought-provoking reflections on life and the world. While he seems to enjoy writing to pleasure, his crown jewel is the writing he does for work/school. He will work until his eyes turn red (literally) to make perfect the things that he writes before sharing them with other people. His tireless efforts do not go unnoticed – he typically receives excellent feedback and praise… and he gets asked to do more and more (yay!). His strong writing skills are on my mind right now since I’m in the middle of proofreading a bulletin for the research agency that employs him. I am one of the final proofreaders before this thing goes to print, so, though I am finding a few here and there, there are not many mistakes that need correction. Currently, I am in the middle of an article written by a Japanese professor whose name sounded familiar to me. While working through this particular article, I kept noticing how beautifully and strongly-written and clear the English is when… ohhh yeah! This is the article that Phillip edited a few weeks ago! No wonder. I remember that he had done a lot of work to it.

I chuckled.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with Phillip several months ago (in Richmond) when he was stressed about completing the tons of work he had to get done for school. In an attempt to be helpful and supportive, I kindly offered my services as an editor to read his papers for mistakes so that he could move on and work on something else. If I remember correctly, the world stopped turning for just a moment as the words fell off my lips and into the still air…

*crickets chirped*

Phil was silent.

*More crickets chirped*

I just stood there. Phil stared at me as if I had a mustache before finally non-emphatically responding with a confused, questioning tone (with the innocence and sincerity of a nun): “I… I don’t make mistakes.”


I cracked up. He snapped out of his confused state, laughed at his own odd response… and politely declined my offer. hahahaha

The funny thing is (when it comes to writing), he actually doesn’t seem to make mistakes. His many hours pining for his studies pay off – he is good at what he does! Too bad he is at work right now, I’d like to give that adorable man a huge hug.


Bottled up.

9 Feb

I have a million ideas bouncing around in my head, but I can’t catch any of them lately. I need a creative outlet badly.

What to do? What to do?


Stretched thin… mymindisracing.

7 Feb

Did I? I should…before its too late. Ineedtogradethoseessays. I need to…and…  Asher is crying. The floors are hairy. The fridge is empty. I have to… The laundry stinks. Asher is hungry…. When can I? IneedImustIhavetoIdidn’tIwanttoIcan’tIdon’thaveachoice… AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!


b  r  e a  t  h  e.

I am overwhelmed. Responsibilities are smothering me.

I’m teaching two classes now for two different schools, which doesn’t seem like a huge deal… except that it is a huge deal when I’m a 24/7 Mama and when our dorm-sized fridge empties itself every few days and it takes hours (prep time, travel time, shopping time, travel time, settling back in time) to grocery shop and when the apartment needs to be picked up and cleaned and when I cookanddodishesanddustandneedtosleepsometimeevenjustforfiveteenyminutes.


Phillip’s research agency asked me to copy edit some things this week — a request that I felt compelled to accept. How do you decline the first thing someone asks you to do? 

On top of all of this, we have wood and laminate floors in this apartment. On the one hand, I am grateful because all of the nastiness that visibly accumulates on the floors would be hiding in carpet if we had carpet. But on the other hand, it would be easier to let dust mites enjoy of all of the fuzz and dust and whatever-the-heck-else that gunk is, and me be none-the-wiser.

I am tired. I need to sleep at some point, right?

So much of what I have on my plate right now simply cannot be done while my Asher is awake. Because of this, as soon as I lay him down for naps I sit and get right to work. I’m not going to share how many days I have been going without showering lately.  I keep breaking my own record, no I’m not going to say that. That will be my little secret. So will my hairy man-legs.


On top of all of these things, moving is a big deal and we are still very much in transit. I am still having to take care of things with our small shipment of items from the US. I miss the ease of military moves. And there are so many things that must be done when immigrating to another country (legally). My ever-expanding laundry list of random things that I must do (but don’t know how to do) is really getting on my nerves.

Again, I am overwhelmed.

I hate feeling like I cannot give Asher 100%. I hate accepting the responsibility of various jobs and not giving them 100%. Is it just me, or do other people feel like this too? It seems like other people juggle all kinds of things… but there simply are not enough hours in the day. Something has got to give– what is it? My relationship/time with Phil? No. My relationship/time with Asher? No. Income? *gulp* perhaps. Personal hygiene? Done and done.

What to do… what to do…

I have 5 more weeks of juggling two classes. If things do not even out, I will not accept both assignments again. If I make it through this week with the added copy-editing, things may settle down.

Yes, if and when I make it through the next few weeks, things will settle down.

Blah. I’m tired. It’s bed time.