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The many faces and sounds of Asher

19 Apr

Just so you know – I don’t post even half of the videos I have of Asher.

Since we have all hard floors here, I “exercise” Asher on our big bed a lot. I let/make him do tummy time and now he is really working hard on figuring out how to crawl. He will exercise for a bit, but after a while always gets fussy and wants to just stand and spit and talk. He can’t stand on his own yet, so his favorite standing spots are either holding on to my arm/shoulder, or my knee. Here he is holding on to my knee, just being a silly little guy. Click here for video. 

This is where I tried to get him saying “Mama!” I’m still not completely sure that he means to say it, but he says it a lot… when he is mad. 🙂 He yells it from his bed some times, or when I leave him to play by himself for a while. You will see that he stops crying when he looks to his right — know that he is staring at his stuffed animals. 🙂 Also, watch his face when his toy phone makes some sound near the end of the video. Click here for video. 

Here he is making his “going to sleep sounds” while riding on the train the other day. I love hearing his sleepy whines and watching his cute feet. Click here for video. 

You have seen his reaction when he hates food, now here is his flipside – he loves yogurt! Click here for video.

To say that Asher is an intense baby is an understatement. He has a great excited face: it’s intense!! Click here for video. 

Our new niece, whom we adore already!

17 Apr

Welcome to the family, precious Fiona:

Fiona Lane Wood

Born 3:32 PM April 16, 2012 
6 pounds, 4 ounces
18.5 inches long 
Practically perfect in every way!

Big congrats to Doug, Danielle, and big brother Corin!

Straight up skillz

12 Apr

A lot of people think their babies are geniuses. Well we know Asher is. 😉 (I jest!)

Asher loves to read books. He will sit for up to about 45 minutes or so (this is like a week in baby time) as we go through book after book after book about puppies, fish, tractors, stinky things, and the like. He is, however, only 8 teeny little months old and we are still trying to build his library. Since we have “only” a shelf of books for him, we basically read the same ones over and over. Asher definitely has his favorites: “Hand Hand Fingers Thumb,” “Mein liebstes Tierkinder-Fühlbuch,” “Gelb ist toll!” and reacts with big smiles, slaps, and laughs when we pick those up. As we read, Asher stares with interest at each page, tries to touch every square inch of each page, or tries to physically consume the book as if it were his only source of nourishment. He has been hitting and moving the pages for a couple weeks, but two nights ago we noticed that he was doing this purposefully. So we tested it and not only was he turning the pages, but he was turning them for us at the correct time of the stories! Phillip was reading and he and I were laughing so hard that it was hard for him to finish the book. Asher just looked blankly at us as we laughed, obviously confused at the delay of his story. haha So anyway, last night I (of course) filmed him doing this. This is one of his favorite books. It’s a “feel book,” so in addition to turning the pages, he is also petting the animals’ soft/rough/smooth bellies.

More vids for the grands and aunts!

11 Apr


I was all “thbbbbb.” And he was all “Pbpbpbpbpb!”

9 Apr

Rambling updates

7 Apr

Here is a brief compilation of random updates about our life lately. Should you become bored with these brief notes, please scroll back up and look at the following picture of actor Blake Clark (Farmer Fran) playing pool in his manties on our newest show obsession Community:


-Phil and I are so excited for our move. We keep saying to one another “_________ will be so much easier once we are in our own place” (the “blank” being whatever we are trying to accomplish at the moment). Today the blank is “going to a store.” We will pick out and order furniture soon, but we know that we will need to buy things like towels and sheets before moving so that we will be able to wash them here and have them ready for our first sleep and shower in our new home. Plus, we want to be smart with the way that we spend our money, so we need to start shopping. We have been really excited to go to Ikea and get some ideas going, buuuuut today is super cold and rainy, and we are still 2 hours away from Ikea. So… we stayed in. Though we just finished lunch, all three of us are in our pajamas. (Do people change out of their pjs on lazy rainy days?)

-Our shipment of boxes from the US finally arrived! Our 14 little boxes of books and clothes started their journey in early December, when they were picked up in Kingston, TN by a moving company. They then rode on a (very, very) slow boat across the ocean for about 60 days or so before landing in the UK, where they apparently sat in a warehouse for another couple months before finally being loaded onto a GIANT truck that brought them here.

-Asher has long-since grown out of the 3-6 month wardrobe that I packed for him. Knowing that we had a ton of 9 month stuff in our shipment (that should have arrived a month and a half ago), I did not want to buy him new clothes. Well, our little man most definitely needed the bigger size. He no longer looks like a floozy-baby with cleavage onesies that were buttoned so tightly around the crotch that his diapers were malfunctioning. His toes are no doubt singing hallelujah and dancing a jig inside the feet of the 9-month pjs he is now wearing. Plus, his 9 month clothes are CUTE! I was overwhelmed all over again at the generosity of good people when I realized just how much we have been given for Asher. We are blessed beyond measure, for sure.

-Phillip is rekindling his love affair with his books. He seems to be giving each one an individual “hello” and “I missed you” as he pulls them out of their boxes and ever-so-gently caresses their pages with the tips of his strong fingers. Here is something — Phil has been going through the boxes with Asher on his lap and… He will very calmly watch as Asher feels, pats, and even kind of tastes his books!! If you have ever seen Phil with his books, or, more importantly, if you have ever tried to handle Phil’s books in his presence, you will know that this is huge. He is a very, very good Dad to his books, but I dare say he is an incredible Dad to Asher. 😉 (For way more reasons that this, of course.)

-Asher is hardcore teething again. His two teeny middle bottom teeth are almost always visible now (adorable!) and he is now cutting teeth on the top. I’m not positive, but I think he is cutting FOUR at once this time. He is going to be eating chips and salsa in no time!

-Speaking of eating chips and salsa… you may or may not know that Asher has not taken to eating as quickly as we thought he would. He likes to eat, but he apparently wants to be a fruitarian. He’s not really been “in” to “vegetables.” So whatever. He’s a baby and we are not going to push the veggies for now. I keep reading that until about age 1, babies simply need to have fun exploring solid foods, but that their main source of nutrition should still be milk. We are giving Asher lots of different things, but always have some fruit on standby for when he rejects whatever non-sweet thing we are trying to give him. Well… Today I heated up some refried beans so that Phil and I could have burritos for lunch (did I mention that my awesome in-laws sent us a TON of delicious Mexican food things?), I scooped a little bit of refried beans into a bowl for Asher, Phil gave him a bite… and… He liked it! (Hey Mikey!) What?! We were shocked! Not only did he not gag, make disgusted faces, and look at us like we were the stupidest people in the world, but he actually smiled and smacked his tray to demand another bite! That’s our boy! I assume I can take credit for this, since the amniotic fluid in which he spent his first 10 months of life no doubt tasted like burritos.

-So far Asher refuses to crawl. He hates tummy time and, even before he learned to roll over, has basically just refused even to try to do it. I have broken my own rule of not using the television to distract by playing Baby Einstein on my computer for him to watch, just to try to keep him on his tummy for a few minutes at a time. I think that Asher could crawl because he always ends up in a completely different spot than the one in which he started when on the floor or in bed, but so far he does not actually crawl. He does, however, pull up when he can get a good grip on things. He also walks if we put him on the ground and hold his hands. Perhaps he will skip crawling?

-We are anxiously awaiting the news of our new niece’s arrival! For anyone who reads this, please say a prayer for a safe delivery for Danielle and the new baby. We are so excited!

My refried-bean-eatin’ baby just woke up and is fussing in the other room, so… Bye for now!

Click here for a new Asher video!