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Buster Update!

22 May

Just a quick update on Asher: I brought him to the pediatrician today and we got the all clear. Doc confirmed that Ash is probably just battling some odd viral infection and said that all of his symptoms seemed very normal (fever, not sleeping or eating, rash, yucky poop, sweating, runny nose, etc.). The doc checked Asher’s ears and nose and throat and everything and didn’t see any evidence of any kind of bacterial infection, which was good. He (the doctor) gave me some pro-biotics to help even Ash’s tummy troubles out and said to just keep an eye on him. So that’s what we’re going to do. Our little man is sleeping soundly after his big morning at the doctor’s office.

Are you ready for some good news? Here is the best part: I mentioned Asher’s torticollis to the doctor, told him what we are doing, and asked his thoughts on if we were still handling it correctly. He said that he hadn’t even noticed the torticollis, which was nice to hear. He messed around with Asher’s head and neck a bit and said, “you know what? I would stop all therapies. He looks great.” :’)!!!!! I could have kissed that man! (On the face-cheek, of course. Or on each face-cheek, to make it more European) This darned torticollis has affected the way that I hold, play with, feed, read to, change, bathe, lay down, and just in general “handle” Asher since his 4-week-old appointment when he was first diagnosed. “Torticollis” has kept me awake at night and been in the back of my head literally every second of the day for more than 8 months now. Though it has plagued my thoughts, I knew we could beat it. I just KNEW we could. Β To those of you who knew about his Torticollis, thank you for your support and prayers. And thank You, God, for answering our prayers. Thank You, God, for Asher!

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

21 May

To do:

-Arrive in Switzerland
-Find a permanent home
-Apply for resident’s permits
-Learn German!!

I need to learn German. I can’t even make my own son a doctor’s appointment.

We do not know what is going on with Asher. So far today he seems great again – he woke up happy, ate well, played, and went down for a nap easily. But Friday and Saturday he was running a fever again. His temp only got up to 100.8, but that’s a legit fever and he was obviously not feeling well. This means he has been up and down with sinus issues, stomach problems, a rash, feverish, sweaty, moody, and not sleeping well on and off again for two weeks. We decided yesterday that regardless of how he seemed this morning we should just go ahead and take him in to a doc to make sure that he’s not in need of medication. I have tried to call one of the recommended local pediatricians 4 times this morning, each time I have reached a recording. I hear the doctors’ names and the local town, so I know I’m calling the right place, but I don’t know why it’s a machine and not a person. I also understand that they give a phone number, I assume this is an emergency number (good thing it’s not an emergency, since I can’t make out the telephone number).

I really need to learn German.

I can count to 12 and know how to say a few random higher numbers. I know my colors. I can identify barnyard animals and know several words associated with trains. I can talk about diapers and sippy cups and strollers. I also know the words for random kitchen/eating objects.

Considering these things is a bit depressing because it leads me to understand that I literally have the vocabulary of a toddler, which doesn’t get you very far in an adult world.

Who knew he could do this?

20 May

Precious, precious laugh!

19 May

I’m back at it! Here are some videos of our little man laughing.

This was actually about a month ago, on my birthday. I uploaded it right around the time that we moved and just never got a chance to post a link. πŸ™‚

And this is now one of my favorite videos ever. This was earlier tonight while we were sitting together for dinner. Asher was tipping the little cup I was giving him to drink, I kind of squealed and said “don’t tip it!” and he erupted into the biggest laugh we had ever heard. So, naturally, we grabbed the camera and kept doing it.

Still here!

18 May

I hope people still check this Blog – I feel like I haven’t posted in forever!

Where to start?

We are officially moved in to our new home! Woo-hoo! Ahhh… I breathe a sigh of relief about 30 times each day. We moved in at the beginning of this month, May. We moved out of our home in Richmond at the end of May 2011. Yes, it had been nearly an entire year since we had been in a place of our own. As most of our friends know, we left Richmond to stay with my parents in Alabama until moving here. We had a blast and felt very comfortable there. We knew it was not permanent, but we didn’t feel stressed, it was just nice and happy. Then Phil left and moved in to a random super old “apartment” (where the toilet was in kitchen, right next to the stove) in Effretikon until Asher and I were able to come be with him here in CH. We moved into our little temporary apartment in early November. It was a nice apartment. The people who own it are on an 8-month world trip, so we were basically just hanging out in their home while they were away. It was comfortable and a decent size for us. But I most certainly felt stressed and unsettled there. I will not go into explaining why, since I have already vented about these things both on this Blog and to the people who I know read this Blog. (All of that being said, I will also mention that I was and am extremely grateful for our time and experience in Immensee).

But now – ahhhh – home sweet home. Asher’s first home! Asher’s first room and bed and place with space for him to play and grow! We are so excited to be here! We saved money for a while, knowing that replacing most of our possessions would be far cheaper than paying to ship our things. Phil and I have looked forward to our major home shopping spree for a super long time and – so far it has been worth the wait. Holy jeez – it’s been like wedding-registering all over again, only oddly with more commitment being made to each decision. So far we have purchased: our bed, mattress, sheets, blankets, nightstands, lamps, a desk, a crib, a crib mattress, a little bookcase, a small wardrobe, a small dresser, a small couch, a cute little guy table with two chairs, three dressers, towels, bathroom rugs, other random rugs, a couch, two chairs a coffee table, a large bookcase, a dining table, chairs, a patio set, a television, a laptop desk, a small shelf for toys, and a kitchen-full of dishes and cookware. It doesn’t seem like as much as it is listing it out like that, but man alive – we have done some shopping! We are aaaaaalmost completely set up. Once we get the last few random things put together and cleaned up, I will take and post some pictures so that you can all see our new place.

Our move went… well, it went okay. We did it in one day, which was great. The first half of the day was great – we picked up our rental car from Zurich and drove back to Immensee with no problems at all. I drove and Phillip acted as the navigator. I had not driven a manual transmission in several years and starting again from (literally) the center Zurich was intimidating. I got a few looks since I made the engine do that “whirrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRR!” noise a few times while I was getting used to the clutch, but I managed to keep the car on the road and off of people, so things worked out. Oh, back to my story – everything went well for the most part. Our neighbor loaded her car and drove here with us from Immensee the first time. Since we followed someone who has lived here for more than 20 years, that was an easy trip. We laughed with each other and gawked at the outrageously beautiful landscape. Then we went back to Immensee WITHOUT the neighbor to get the last load of things – again, no sweat. Super easy. We were so not-lost that we were again able to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Then, fully confident in our driving and navigating skills, we set out for the last drive of the day… three hours later, we were sweating, starving, in desperate need of toilets…and only about 20 kilometers from where we began. Asher was a champ, that was basically the only positive. It was stressful and stupid. We finally just followed signs to get to Zurich, went to and through Zurich, and then came down the other side of the lake to our town. What a hassle. We were reminded of how glad we are not to have a car here! On a train, the worst case scenario is you miss a departure or you forget to get off at the right place, both of which are easy fixes that require at most a bit of waiting. Whatev. It was stressful and tad bit argument-inducing, but it’s just a funny story now.

And then there is our poor sweet baby. He has had a rough transition. He is such a happy and easy little man most of the time. All of the dust from boxes and new furniture made him really sick with some sort of snot-gurgle-hack issue. Plus the transition just threw him off completely and, though he normally goes to bed super early and without complaint, has been refusing to sleep for naps and night time. Phil and I have had a hard time knowing what to do. We’re not totally opposed to letting Asher “cry it out,” if that’s what he needs to do. But we really don’t feel the need to sleep-train Asher when we know he knows how to sleep. It’s terrible to listen to him cry when you know he just doesn’t feel well and is weirded out by being in a new place, so we have done our best to figure out how to help him feel more comfortable. I must admit that this “helping him” entailed breaking all kinds of “rules” that I had running through my head before actually having a baby – translate this and picture: me sitting up reading to Asher at 1 in the morning, Phil and I laying in bed listening to Baby Einstein playing on a computer in the middle of the night as Asher lay in his playpen next to our bed, and other ridiculous “rules” that are completely pointless and unrealistic when you have an actual precious little person who is having a hard time and needs some help feeling better. After the snot problems, he started having some tummy troubles that affected his bottom area, and the general things that a bottom does (*hint* I’m NOT talking about sitting or holding up pants). The joke was on us for using cloth diapers. We were glad to have some ‘sposies (that’s what cloth-diapering people call “disposable diapers”) laying around. We are not that hardcore for cloth. All in all, we think Asher is doing better. He is seeming to be more like his sweet and happy old self the past few days, which is great for all of us. Of course we don’t mind caring for him when he’s upset and sick, but it’s certainly hard on all of us.

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary. That’s a big one! We are super excited to be celebrating 5 beautiful years together. Though I keep thinking life could not possibly get any better, with my Phillip it just somehow does. πŸ™‚

I have more to write about, but I’ll let that be it for now.