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Asher videos

2 Nov

*Edit* For some reason I couldn’t embed the videos, so you’ll have to click the links.

It took me a few weeks to understand iMovie, which is why I haven’t posted videos in a while and why a few of these vids are several weeks old. With that being said, enjoy!

We tried not to make a big deal of the whole ‘finger-in-the-nose’ thing, but it’s hard not to make a big deal of hilarious things. Watch this next video… and then picture Asher sticking his finger up his nose while laughing loudly and looking at strangers, waiting for them to laugh back.

This is not a video of his official “first steps” (whenever those happened), but this was taken in the first few days of him realizing he could walk. He walked like a zombie (as seen in this video) with his arms straight out for about a week and a half or so, and then adjusted his balance and started walking around like a tiny man who owns the world. This was taken some time in early September.


Here he is trying out his awesome red cowboy boots! They are still a bit big, but he seemed to like them anyway. Since they are a little bit big and definitely stiff, he was prancing around awkwardly the whole time he had them on. He reminded me of my sister’s cat Jovie when Kacy used to try to put kitty slippers on her. hahaha


We saw our first snow of the season a few days ago (late October). We took Asher outside to see and play in the snow before it melted. He was interested, but a little weirded out. This is two short videos combined and, though it is slow-going, be sure to watch until the end where he signs “all done” with his little mittens. Ha!