18 Monther Communication

28 Feb

Baby update: Now that Asher is a big 1-and-a-half-year-old, he is starting to talk more and more every day.

Signs he uses daily:

-All done
-Mickey Mouse
-Thank you (selectively)
-Hurt (To tell me something hurts)

He knows a few other signs and will imitate others, but those are the ones he most certainly uses on a daily basis.

Words he speaks daily:

-“Busss” (ALL day, every day)
-“Uck!” =truck/car
-“Bah!” =ball
-“Mom-mom” =Mama
-“Dthdthdth” =Dada
-“Eye” (as in eyeball)
-“Tookatooka” =train
-“Nein” =”no” in German
-“Whahdaaa?” =What’s that?
-“Asssss” =We have no idea what this means, but he says it every single day. Maybe he’s trying to say his name?
-“gogo” (pacifier)
-“hay” (for horses)
-“Hhhhh!” =Snack

I hope I haven’t left any out. I kind of think that I have. Hmm… I’ll update if I think of any more.

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