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Ashuh cwy

26 Jul

Today before his nap, Asher chose a book that his Uncle Doug, Aunt Danielle, Cor & Fi sent him not too long ago about an elephant who gets an ice cream cone and then faces the onset of guilt as he wrestles with the option of choosing to share or not share his ice cream with his best friend. Before he has even taken one lick and as he struggles with why he should or should not choose to share, his ice cream melts and falls on the floor. Needless to say, the elephant is pretty upset. He yells “NOOOOOOO!” and then sits down to cry… Along comes Piggie, Elephant’s bff, with an ice cream cone. The two share the ice cream and are both very happy.

The book has a lot of pages, but none with much text, so the pages turn pretty quickly. I could tell as I was reading it that Asher was really engrossed in the story. He looked intensely at each picture and turned the pages quickly at the appropriate times, seemingly a bit anxious about what was going to happen next.

At the end of the book I said “the end!” Then we closed the book and it was quiet. I said “It was so nice that Piggie came to share his ice cream with Elephant! Elephant was sad about dropping his ice cream, and his friend helped him feel better by sharing.”

Asher said. “Eww-fant cwy.”

I said, “yes, the elephant cried because he was sad about dropping his ice cream.”

Asher: “Ashuh cwy!”

Then he turned around and looked at me with big red eyes and a frown that could break anyone’s heart and said again, “Mama, Ashuh cwy!”

He needed a hug.

I explained that the elephant was sad, but that his friend helped him feel better by sharing. I told him that it’s okay to feel sad, but to know that friends can help you feel happy again.

To be honest, though, I almost cwied too.


Funny guy

10 Jul

Since I’ve not had time to update much lately, more videos will have to suffice. 

Yesterday Asher and I spent the entire afternoon at the lake with our German class. Consequently, he did not nap until he completely passed out (just before 6 PM) when he got into his stroller to walk home. I let him sleep for about half an hour. He woke up a complete wreck: We practically force-fed him some yogurt, force-bathed him, and put him to bed… where he stayed for a whole 10 minutes before freaking out. He goes to bed without a peep every other night, so when he said “No bed! Asher wate gup (wake up)! Door Open!” we let our cute boy stay up and play cars while we watched Everybody Loves Raymond. Around 9:30 he (Asher) was getting pretty loopy and acting hilarious. Here are some of my favorite clips from last night. hehehehe