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“I’m tho thad now…”

22 Jan


Asher videos!

11 Jan

It’s time for more videos of my precious Asher!

He doesn’t watch much TV these days, but he certainly enjoys the bits that he watches. In particular, around Christmas he was watching the How to Train your Dragon Christmas show on Netflix. There is a part where a girl makes a disgusting drink called “Yak nog,” and the main guy, Hiccup, accidentally drinks it. He holds it in his mouth until she leaves and then he spits it out. Asher watched this show several times and Hiccup spitting only seemed to get more and more hilarious to him. It didn’t matter if we were sitting watching it with him, or if he was alone in the room watching, he laughed HARD every single time.


He has developed quite the sense of humor lately. He’s big in to pretending to be asleep and then laughing about how hilarious it is that he was not actually asleep. He just randomly started doing it on the bus the other day and was quite pleased when people all around started laughing at his super loud teeny guy fake snore.


Here he is just being super entertaining to us. Lately anything dangly or wiggly he’ll grab and shout “it’s a seahorse!” and then he’ll play with it and be super delighted. He had already done that and I asked him to do it again, which you can hear I think, but his happiness is no less genuine. haha


We are all very proud that Asher can now put his glasses on all by himself! Phil and I were looking forward to this milestone so we wouldn’t have to worry about him so much with the glasses. Now he does it just for fun! …and instructs us to watch carefully when he does it…? hahaha


He’s vocal about which language he wants to speak and when. He’ll tell us that it’s time to read in German or English and he’ll tell us when he wants to or doesn’t want to speak in a certain language. Here we asked him something in German and, in true moody-dramatic-Asher-style, he just got mad and started making demands.


I thought I had one more but I can’t find it now, so I’ll try to post it soon. He is growing and changing and talking and making the world better and better with each little breath he takes. Enjoy these videos!