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12 Sep

This video cut out a bit, but all that you miss is me asking the question: “What language does your friend Mateo speak?”  Well, that and the ending where it cut off because my phone storage is too teeny.

And this was him at the glasses shop waiting while his frames were being adjusted yesterday. He is very in to playing pretend right now and this is one of his current go-to personas:

Hahahahahaha I love it! Whenever he hears someone say something he doesn’t understand he always asks “Hey… what he speaks?” He’s really become interested in languages lately. He knows that we speak English at home and that most of our neighbors speak German at home. Except for his little friend Nate, who is from the UK and, according to Asher, “Nate speaks Engwish wif an accident.” hahahaha He means an “accent,” of course. Though he typically responds to German in English, he responds appropriately which lets us know that he understands. He uses his teeny little voice to say “Gruezi!” to all the passers-by when we’re out walking and he says “d-d-danke!” whenever someone gives him something when we’re out. He also does one heck of a robot impression and likes to pretend that he is a kitten or puppy, who apparently have extremely high-pitched voices. lol Oh, Asher! He’s nothing if he’s not entertaining!

Asher videos

9 Sep

Hi, All! 

Life is busy. You get the drill. But here are a few cute recent vids of our boy. 


In his boxer briefs conversing with an older neighbor who was working outside of our cracked window. You can’t really hear what she’s saying until the end when she says “Bye bye Asher,” but just hearing a little bit of what he said to her makes me smile. 


Last weekend we were so happy to get to spend some time with our dear friends the Galiks. Naomi is 2.5 months younger than Asher and they are, in their own words, best friends. They play so well together that it is unbelievable! Not only do they just enjoy entertaining each other, but they are SO incredibly polite to each other! They offer each other turns, say “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and “excuse me” and “Oh, excuse ME.” hahaha They are kindred spirits and we are thankful for Naomi (and her parents and sister!). Anyway, here they are playing together (and wearing matching shirts!): 


And finally, I just think this is cute. I love conversing with him. hehehe