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10 Nov

I know I’m the absolute worst with this blog lately. I think about what I would love to be writing nearly every day, but the sun rises and sets far too quickly lately.

We have moved to a new apartment.

Things are going really well.

Asher is the most precious 3 year old ever to have lived.

Phillip is wonderful and a hard worker.

I’m learning lots of German and feeling very settled and comfortable in my daily routine (which hopefully doesn’t mean something is about to be thrown out of whack!).

My parents will be here to visit us in a few days and we are SO excited!

And here are some videos:

This one cuts out because of my darn phone capacity, but he will often just randomly start “breathing” like this, which means he’s pretending to be Darth Vader.

And my current favorite:

Asher is super in to talking about dreams right now. He asked us not too long ago what dreams were (after hearing the word in a song). We explained dreams to him and then started giving him examples of dreams, which really just means we started making up ridiculous stories of things about which he “might” dream. The dreams usually start out with something that he knows and understands, and then something very strange will happen, and then the ‘dream’ always ends with us saying that he wakes up in bed and asks himself “Was that real?! Nooooo, it was a dream!” He has refused to try, but today he “talked about” two dreams for me. I got the second one on camera and I love it! I’ll write a transcript below, in case you can’t understand him.

“What if you have a dream that you were doing make-up on, and suddenly your make-up gets REAL. And your make-up talks to you real. And it says “hello Bre. Hi.” And you say “Hi…What?! That’s not real!” …and you say: “I’m in my room… was that real? Noooo, it was a dream!”